Builders working on a house extension project

The Best Time of Year to Build an Extension

Building a house extension in general can be a complex process, but finding the best time of year to build an extension can be even harder. It’s a very split topic, with a huge number of people suggesting it’s summer or nothing, and others saying that winter is easier, cheaper and more accessible. The hard truth is, in reality, they’re both right.

We’re here to break it down into the advantages and disadvantages of both, and ultimately, give our own opinion, which is that all in all, the best time to build a house extension probably is spring/summer/autumn for ease and comfort, but it’s never too difficult to do.

Building an Extension in Spring

Building an extension in Spring is often the best time to go ahead for many people. It has the best of both worlds in terms of the two arguments you’ll usually hear when it comes to building an extension in general.

The weather should be friendly, the builder should be slightly more available, especially if you’re booking well in advance, and you’re not missing out on accessing your garden etc when you want it. All in all, this is likely the best. Even if the extension has issues and lasts longer than expected, you shouldn’t run into any issues.

Building an Extension in Summer

Summer is the most popular tie of year to build an extension just because of how practical it is when it comes to having work done. There will be no cold spells in the house from walls or roofing being altered, and that’s the most important thing for most people who are on the fence about the build. The weather should also be ample to let building go full steam ahead without any delays. The issue is, the builder you want will likely be very fully booked if you’re hoping to get one within a few weeks or even months’ time.

Building an Extension in Autumn

Building an extension around the autumnal time of year is still common, but it does begin to pose just a couple of problems that might cause you issues with your extension build. Although the temperature might not be an issue when it comes to moving walls, the weather may begin to turn and cause problems in that sense. As long as you get started early, building an extension in autumn shouldn’t be a particularly bad time of the year, but if delays have to take place for whatever reason, it might lead into winter.

Building an extension in Winter

Winter is likely the hardest time of the year to build an extension, although that doesn’t have to be a bad thing all of the time. Winter of course brings with it shorter days, wet and cold weather, and some builders that are seasonal. All in all, that can result in you not being able to proceed with your extension exactly as you’d like, which is not great. On the other side of the coin, however, most competent builders will be happy to get it done non the less. It may occasionally be too cold to work with cement, but aside from that, the inconveniences from the cold can be handled, the builder will likely be very quickly available, and you’ll be finished in time for the better months coming. That’s a win-win.


All in all, the best time of the year to build an extension is generally whenever works best for you and your living situation. Providing your builder can make the booking work with you, the best time of the year to build is whenever you can justify losing access to that area of your property for a while. If it’s a double-storey extension, of course, that may be slightly more difficult, but it’s all a part of the process. When you want to be able to use it and the areas affected, and when you are comfortable with the work taking place. That’s really all there is to it!