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The CK organisation is growing rapidly every day, and we’re always on the lookout for new people to join the team, whether it’s architectural staff or people to help the sales, marketing, admin or I.T. teams.

We welcome candidates from all backgrounds, and the first thing we look for is a passion for what they do or would like to do as a part of a rapidly growing organisation always looking for new opportunities. If you’re a hard worker, a good team player and feel you have what it takes, contact us today and we’d love to have a conversation.

As well as expecting a fast paced environment where you’re constantly pushed to be the best that you can, you’ll also be nurtured and provided with the opportunity for growth as you develop alongside the business.

We post job vacancies across the web, and we’ll be posting them here on our site, too. If you see something that you think could be your next career move, contact us today!

Benefits and Rewards

Every position in the organisation has benefits and rewards that come along with the job, and we tailor them to each employee individually.

Whether it’s home working, a company car, training opportunities or promotions, we’ll do everything we can to help our team grow.

CK Architectural

Open Positions

Architectural Designer (UK) Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford, Northampton Multiple 15.12.2022
Sales Administrator Hull Sales 06.02.2023
Senior Structural Engineer Sheffiled, Hull, Leeds Engineering 06.02.2023