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Glass Extensions and Orangeries

Glass Extensions and Orangeries around the UK by our expert architectural designers

Glass Extensions and Orangeries

The practicality, sleek style and effortless class that comes with the addition of a feature like a glass extension or orangery to a property is truly transformational. They provide you with everything you need from the addition of a new room, providing intricate glasswork, naturally heated or cooled properties depending on location, and the simple addition of more liveable space which is revolutionary on its own.

With our advanced knowledge of the latest design trends, advanced building and architectural technologies and incredibly efficient glass, we’re able to design your perfect addition. No matter where on your property you’d like the glass extension or orangery to be, our designers will make sure it’s truly remarkable, both aesthetically and practically, all designed with your personal vision in mind along the way.

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Orangeries tend to be the more heavy duty option when compared to glass extensions. Their use of building materials in line with the rest of your property combined with the glass means that you have glass use and typical wall use in unison.

This creates a much more inbuilt connection, rather than addition, and can truly provide that meant to be a feature, perfect for subtle yet sleek finishes.

Glass Extensions

Glass extensions are the more modern option compared to orangeries. Their design typically shows them to be definitive additions to a home, offering a property a sophisticated and modernised aesthetic from the outside while still providing the glass room that is being sought after.

It captures the outside in the most remarkable way, bringing a natural, bright and stunningly intricate addition to any building.

Design Considerations

No matter which addition you would like to have designed, there are some key considerations to take into account for an effectively finished build. Each has a dramatic impact on the long term satisfaction of your product and can truly make it outstanding with due care.


The first place to look with your new glasswork is the purpose it is being built for, and what you need from it in both the long and the short term. For example, home offices are popular uses, however, need to be highly regulated for long term comfort as well as having correctly placed glass to provide a practical working space. Home gyms needs to be much more protected from the heat and need more ventilation options. Simple seating areas perhaps can become sun traps, offering heat and light all day without the annoyances of the outdoors. It’s all down to you.

Material Choices

The use of materials is the next logical area to consider before you choose to move forward. Of course, glass is likely to be the centre of the design, but that isn’t to say the rest is simply a given. The amount of glass per frame for example can have a massive impact on the intricacy of the design. The materials used around the glass also have a big impact, with popular but contrasting choices being things like Planar, Glulam or green oak to add truly definitive touches.


With both of the other considerations still in mind, the last key point of consideration is the roofing for your glass extension. Many tend to opt for things like glass lantern placed roofing to provide areas of light, without dominating the rest of the property. Others instead choose to go for flatter styles in the roofing, providing less concentrated and more natural environments, albeit slightly more difficult to keep clean which can be a large factor. It’s all a part of the process we’ll work with you designing throughout.

Project management

With the rest of the design process complete, tasking your project through all of the stages of the architectural process with you, the final step of creating any project is with the build itself. CK Architectural also offer a project management service alongside designing too, offering over a century of architectural experience across the team to be honed onto your project, ensuring the right workers are used for the build, the right precautions are in place, regular site inspections to ensure the highest quality and cost controlling and payment managing to ensure you only pay for what you should and when you should, without the risk associated with some builds.

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