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Industrial Architectural Design

Industrial Experienced Industrial Architectural Design Services Across the UK

Industrial Architectural Design Services

With a wealth of experience in the commercial industry, our industrial architectural design services are ideal for businesses with demanding facilities, warehousing or logistical needs requiring specialised skills. We understand just how important industrial architecture is to a business’s inner workings and infrastructure, and we ensure that working alongside you, we have a complete image of the project requirements as well as your own, offering only the best solutions for your unique project.

The CK team has a vast background in the commercial industry, and we’re able to utilise this knowledge to select the most equipped member of the team for your project, combining our in depth knowledge of profitability and budget management against leading architectural practises, building materials, technologies and methods, all coming together to make futureproof designs destined for success.

Our comprehensive services cater for every step of the architectural process, enabling us to take your project from initial designs, concepts and 3D imaging right through to planning stages, building regulations, structural calculations, and building project management to ensure only the highest quality work takes place without any issue.

Factories & Production

Production facilities are the backbone of any business, and we ensure that we always take this into consideration when developing our designs. Our expert designers ensure that your facility is developed to be productive, safe and efficient above all else, developing it with both the staff and the business behind it in mind to create the ideal location.

Warehousing & Storage

The central focus points for warehouse and storage architecture are functional space, logistical efficiency, access points health and safety, and budget optimisation, and we have a profound understanding of this within our business structure, catering to each of these with the utmost care to ensure your project is successful within your operation.

Transport & Logistics

Transport and logistics are vital parts of many businesses, if not being the entire business themselves. Whether you need parking, vehicle storage, logistics or access points, our transport and logistical architectural services cover everything you need to operate effectively, all designed around your unique business structure.