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Single storey extensions

Loft conversions

Project management


New builds

Whether you are building your own home or beginning an entire development project, we’ll help design your new housing from scratch, tailored to you and your specific needs.

Double storey extensions

Double storey extensions have everything singles do, and more. By expanding both floors at the same time, costs are minimised while space is maximised, both practically upstairs and scenically downstairs.

Barn conversions

Convert your old barn into something truly magnificent with our incredible designers who will transform your building into something habitable, stylish, and comfortable above all else.

Single storey extensions

Single storey extensions are an incredible way to create beautiful and practical living space, all by utilising some of the free space that is around you. They’re perfect for kitchens, sunrooms, living rooms and features.

Loft conversions

By using the space that you already have, it’s easy to create a stylish living space in the most affordable way with a loft conversion. We can take care of the whole design, from structural engineering to fixtures and fittings.

Garage Conversions

We can transform any garage of any size into a useable and habitable room, transforming your home space and giving your property a huge boost in value and space. From relaxing rooms and home bars to whole annexes, we can help.


Commercial architecture

Our experienced team can help with any sized project to make sure your business needs are surpassed. We maximise efficiency, minimise costing, and help you build your business.

Retail architecture

In retail, space availability and maximum utilisation is everything. With the right designer, you can make the most of what you have better than ever, and find the best ways to maximise your profit.

Education and schools

Create a place of learning that is truly inspirational with our education and school building services, tailoring your building to your needs and catering for students, staff, parents and stakeholders alike.

Sport and leisure

We’ll design the perfect sport or leisure centre to help you get the most for your money, creating a space that is ideal for training as well as somewhere relaxed and comfortable to meet every standard.

Extra Services

Project management

Take the stress and time out of your project by letting us manage it. We minimise cost, maximise efficiency, and help your project reach its fullest potential without the hassle.

Structural engineering

Our expert structural engineering service can help you calculate your project needs and create something that is safe, efficient, and future proof for years to come.

3D visualisation

Bring your project to life before we finalise the designs thanks to our state of the art 3D visualisation services, perfect for making a decision taht you’ll love for years to come.

Additional extras

We offer a host of different customisable services at your disposal to ensure that any project can be carried out perfectly, no matter how involved you want our architectural team to be.