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Structural Engineering

Structural engineering by expert architectural designers

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering services are essential for a wide range of different projects, and here at CK Architectural, our expert team can help you with your requirements no matter what they may be. We have highly trained and experienced staff that can offer you structural calculations for your project both at residential and commercial levels of structural engineering to ensure only the highest quality and accuracy with your calculations.

We also have a huge network of experienced professionals working with the CK team. Should your project need any particularly specialized requirements, we can utilise our resources to provide you with the perfect solution without needing to find them yourself, all as a part of our in-depth architectural packages.

How we Can Help

Structural engineers are an incredibly valuable resource wherever they are required in your project. They of course specialise in making the calculations and material choices for your build to ensure a successful and safe project when it comes to completion, but they do so much more than this as well.

They make sure that the materials you’re using for your project cover your requirements, as well as provide you with the options you need to make sure the materials are highlighting the features that are most important to you. Perhaps you’re on a budget first tactic, looking for the best functional design for the lowest possible cost. Others are looking for the latest in material technologies that will create the utmost efficiency that will stay efficient for years to come. They’re equipped to advise you in any scenario, tailored toward your goals and specifications.


In a nutshell, a structural or civil engineer working on your project will provide insight into:

  • Selected Materials
  • Design Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Long Term Design Factors
  • Economic Considerations
  • Health and Safety Regulated

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