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Accessibility and Disability Adaptations

Accessibility and Disability Adaptations in the UK by expert architectural designers

Accessibility and Disability Adaptations

Whether for commercial or domestic use, accessibility and disability adaptations can be absolutely vital to making a successful premise, and with experience in projects of all shapes and sizes, we have the perfect skills to help you make them, whether they are general adaptations or suited to a highly specific situation.

We work with you in every step of the process to make sure that no matter where the work is going to take place, it is going to be practical, effective and well suited to the individuals who need it.

Speak to a member of the team today and we’ll be more than happy to discuss our experience with you and guide you through the services we can offer.

Home Adaptations

Our team of architectural experts can help make home adaptations both practically and aesthetically. They are up to date on the numerous schemes available and abler to find out even more through industry-specific channels to make sure your project has every benefit that it can.

Disabled Facilities Grants

Grants are provided by councils in England of up to £30,000 to help with home adaptations to accommodate for disability and accessibility, and we’re happy to work with on utilising this efficiently and effectively.

Work Adaptations

With diversity, equality and equal opportunity at the forefront of organisations across the world, adapting professional settings to be disability and accessibility friendly is more important than ever. Whatever your organisation requires, we have experience and industry-backed knowledge to create an inclusive workplace.

Our services are all completely specific to each individual project, and we’re dedicated to working with you directly to make sure that your decisions are informed, inclusive and going to succeed.

What We Provide

We provide a multitude of services to help with disability adaptations and create more accessible spaces in general. Our diverse team are skilled in all areas of architectural design, ranging from conception and creation tools ranging through to project management and on-site tools too.


As architectural design specialists, our knowledge here knows no bounds. We’re able to create designs to any scale that can accommodate yours and your loved ones needs precisely. We have multiple resources available to do this even further and can support you in your decision making as well.


Creating an accurate representation of what your designs will look like can be worth a huge deal to many. Whether that is proposing the idea to family members for support and agreement, proposing to governing bodies for eligibility reasons or even stakeholders for investment purposes, we’re able to help. We offer Detailed designs, 3D visualisation, and other means too, all to help achieve this.


Our structural engineering team are on hand to create precise calculations for your exact project requirements. Health and safety has a huge role to play in designing disability adaptations, and structural engineering is just one of many examples of how this is recognised and managed by us to help you wit this. This also goes along side minimising costs, selecting materials to use, and other design benefits as well.

Project Management

After the design process is complete, CK Architectural are also available to help with the management of the construction of the project too. We support you in every step of the process and can spearhead the process or work alongside you to create the most efficient project possible.


We tender contracts to help select the best builders for the job which we can present to you to make the final decision without the worry of the selection process.

Contract Administration

We help with contract administration to ensure all legalities are upheld and that working conditions are defined preventing disagreements or surprises.

Site Inspections

We inspect the site fortnightly to ensure progress is as expected and the highest quality of work without issue. This is ideal for time efficiency and minimising costs.


We act as the sole point of contact between you and the builder, managing any situations to create a concise and consistent line of communication between all parties involved.

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