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CK Architectural is an award-winning architectural design firm formed in 2015 by Managing Director Chris Lawson. Now, with just under 20 members of staff and a huge network of professionals working with the company too, the organisation is flourishing, operating across the whole of the UK to provide high quality, affordable architectural services to everyone, no matter what their project is.

We work across much of the UK, with a major presence in the whole of Yorkshire, Manchester, The West Midlands, Bristol and Gloucestershire too, as well as just about everything in between, providing exceptional service to every client we have.


The mission behind CK Architectural always has been and always will be to help people, above all else. By understanding what they need and the requirements of their project, we can use our decades of combined experience in the industry to create a truly tailored project that is suited to them, creating projects they will love for decades to come.

We believe not only in offering clients the highest quality services possible, but also in making them accessible, affordable, and understandable too, and that’s where we really differ from the rest of the industry. Our unique business model and specialist team of architects, designers, technicians, sales and admin staff, and the I.T. and software team behind the scenes all comes together to result in a truly phenomenal business that is based on helping clients, listening to them, and working with them, not just for them.

Take a look at our core values for more information about how we work.

CK Architectural was founded entirely upon the idea of offering the best quality services in the industry at prices that people can afford. We’re a people first business, and we’re always improving and growing to be the best that we can be, no matter what our customers need.

Chris Lawson,
Senior Architectural Designer / Director