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Education And Schools

Education and School Building Architects Operating Across the UK

Education and School Buildings

Educational facilities are fundamental in the success of society. They facilitate a hugely important process that shapes the future for all and ensuring that they have the facilities to do it is vital for their overall success, as well as minimising operating costs and remaining efficient.

We work with all members involved in the decision-making process, from staff and administrators right through to local authorities, governors, and anyone else that may influence or affect the decision. We design with efficiency, accessibility, safety, and sustainability at the forefront, making sure they have the potential to help those using them to be inspire and achieve.

Communicating Your Project

One of the keys to any successful architectural project comes from the communication within it, and we ensure that this is something we prioritise.

We well work with you at every turn throughout the design process ensuring that the design is functional, as well as recruiting our own decades of architectural expertise to help create something incredible.

We then utilise the latest in architectural technologies like software and 3D visualisations to make sure we’re able to effectively convey the designs we’re creating, all of which can be used and shared as needed and make sure that everything from styles and designs through to build costs, health and safety and longevity are all considered.

No matter what is going on throughout your project, we’ll update you every step of the way.

The Design Process

Working with CK Architectural with your school building or educational facility, no matter what the size, we work with you from start to finish, all of which can be completely tailored to your individual needs.

We start with a feasibility and concept design to ensure the project is in line with your visions and can propose multiple designs to make sure you’re happy with your choice. From there, we move through the entire planning process as well as building regulations, leaving you ready to build your project.

A complete project management service is also available when working with us, where our team will work alongside you as well as on your behalf to carry out the entirety of the build. That can include contract administration, payment control, regular site inspections for quality, issue mediation, and anything else that occurs during the build.

Building Standards

We are always improving our knowledge of building processes tackling sustainability and energy conservation strategies to ensure your building complies with the latest regulations and required performances. We always aim to deliver projects which allow your building to have minimum environmental impact and cost.

Whether you are a local authority school, privately funded school, or a college, we understand the need to design high-performance facilities that are cost-effective to build, run and maintain. It is also imperative that buildings are engaging, pleasant, inspiring environments, furnished with quality systems, helping establishments to attract and retain students and staff.

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