Who are BMS Builder Management

We are the coming together of a software designer and architectural design project management company, having identified the reasons most small to medium sized building businesses fail and now, we have come up with the solution. Our easy to use builder management system allows information to flow easily to and from the site daily, allowing better planning, client liaison, costing, and much more.

Our management system is designed to be builder and tradesmen friendly on site, with more advanced office and business management applications too. This creates an all in one system perfect for managing a full building organisation. Chris Lawson has worked in the architectural design industry for 25 years and has designed the system with a lot of help from Denis Korsakovs’ software programming skills.

Why small building businesses fail

After many years of working with building companies of all sizes through architectural project management services, we have found that rapid growth seems to be the biggest problem. It’s not a case of there being so many cowboy builders, but good honest builders who fall victim to their own success. A good hands-on builder can manage one or two smaller projects at a time with a good 2 hours shift at home after a hard day’s graft. Then comes the fame trap; more people want to use them and so they take on work and find themselves quickly jumping from builder to business manager.

Being a business manager means learning a lot of new professions quickly; sales, marketing, accounting, HR management, recruitment, and the list goes on.  Add the site management, planning labour, resources, purchasing materials, programme writing and making sure you account for all the sub-contractors and trades… Doing all this whilst managing your clients and ensuring they are kept informed throughout the process as you can imagine leads to something breaking, and it’s usually the builder or the business.

How does Builder BMS work

This builder management system provides a basic structure that can start small and scale up quickly with you. Through a series of easy to read dashboards specific to an office or site time, it captures essential information from your workers and sites. This keeps the projects up to date and makes your week to week planning and updating the clients/works easy. It was built around a communication circle, your tradesmen record their time on tasks daily, your senior builders record task progress and request any material purchases, and this allows you, an administrator or project manager to see where the project is live and issues tasks back to the site each day, week or month. That is the core of the system, but it does also have a full array of management tools that can be used instantly or applied as you grow into more projects.

Our builder management functions

Sales and Enquiries

We have an easy to use sales stage system to ensure you have all the documents and information to produce the quote and then track the potential client’s progression.

Programme Writing

Our innovative programme writer is more than just an illustration of the project; it simultaneously creates site tasks your traders can pick up on the phone.

Project Dashboard

Dashboards are an easy place to get all the project information, live updates, task lists, clients’ requirements, and even their current status or mood.

Invoicing, Payments and Procurement

All of your invoices are here so that you can keep track easily of where you are and produce a budget projection.

Site Dashboard

This dashboard has everything needed for a good day’s work on the building project, like task lists, labour assignments, architects drawing and much much more.


Your worker will update their hours on site and tag them to the tasks, it’s easy to see where they are, what they are working on and how long it’s taking.

We do a lot more and have more in the pipeline, click here for more information.

Business Management & CRM For Builders