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Essential Package

What will you get?

  • Basic service to get the necessary approvals
  • No wasted time or money
  • A good service if you know what you want and have a good builder ready
  • Fast and efficient compliance-ready drawing service
CK Architectural

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  • START  

     - Survey and Site Check

    One of our design technicians will visit your property, check the conditions, measure, photograph, record all the relevant details and confirm the project brief with you.

  • WEEK 2  

     - Existing Plans

    To draw the property from the survey accurately to scale from the survey provided.

  • WEEK 2  

     - Basic Design

    To produce your design from the details you provide, we do it in line with site and property constraints.

  • WEEK 2  

     - Screenshot Email

    A screenshot within the AutoCAD working space showing a significant amount of work has been done ready for release and discussion after payment.

  • WEEK 3  

     - Two Design Amendments

    Up to two design amendments within the brief via email or phone call with your designer.

  • WEEK 3  

     - Approved By You

    Once you are happy with the designs we can move forward.

  • WEEK 4  

     - Planning Preparation and Submission (if required or maybe PD)

    Your design will be added to our planning drawing template with all the necessary details for the local authority to consider including floors, elevations, site plan, and location map. We submit and act as your agent throughout.

  • WEEK 7  

     - Validation

    Once checked your local authority will validate the application, assign and planning officer and issue a decision date.

  • WEEK 13  

     - 6 Week Check

    We will check the application once it is at the determination stage to see if everything’s on track for approval.

  • WEEK 14  

     - Planning Amendments

    If the design requires amendments to gain planning approval we will work with you and the planning office to secure it.

  • WEEK 16  

     - Approved by Planning

    Approved by planning with any conditions.
    (if rejected we will revise the design process)

  • WEEK 18  

     - Basic Regulations

    Detailed drawings to show compliance with building control, specification, and basic construction details.

  • WEEK 18  

     - BC Submission

    Filling out of forms, preparing the drawing and supporting information for building control check/sign off.

  • WEEK 18  

     - Structural/Consultant Design

    The engineer or consultant will design and calculate any extra requirements such as beams, foundations, frames etc to support the application if required.

  • WEEK 23  

     - BC Amendments

    Make changes requested by building control to gain approval.

  • WEEK 23  

     - Approved by Building Control

    Written approval your designed comply with the latest building regulations.

  • WEEK 26  

     - CK Contract Complete

    You and your builder can now plan and begin the works, your builder will take over responsibility for on-site design changes and checking sizes etc.


Our Price List

What Included

  • Survey

  • Site Check

  • Existing Plans & Elevations

  • Basic Design

  • Design Amendment

  • Email ScreenShot

  • Planning Preperation

  • Planning Submission

  • Planning Amendments

  • Basic Building Regulations

** All our prices shown above are a minimum guidance

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